• What is Con Gusto?

    The phrase “con gusto” means “with taste” or “tasteful” in Italian. But Con Gusto would like to take that definition to another level. Con Gusto is living joyfully. It means to rediscover una dolce vita in the path of the highest Italian tradition and to take care of ourselves through the enjoyment of what is beautiful, fine, and pleasant.

    Italy is a country known for taste, but a lot of what is exported to the United States caters to stereotypes or commercial needs. Our mission is to sift through all of this and bring to its community what is truly Italian. We want to break stereotypes and push to the forefront what is happening in Italy that is great; linking its glorious past to 21st-century culture.

Happy Sunday Market – Lanificio 159

Last Sunday, Jacopo and I headed over to Happy Sunday Market, a monthly market where young Italian designers and vintage dealers of Rome promote and sell their trendy and unique pieces. The event’s location, Lanficio 159, was as cool as the crowd that attended. A converted old wool factory located in the outskirts of Rome … Continue reading

A Hunt Con Gusto – Episode Two: Europe’s Capital of Italy

Our Hunt had to begin in Milan, the city best known for Made in Italy. We visited during its International Design week: the city’s showcase to the rest of the world and our opportunity to gain insight into the Italian lifestyle industry. In our second episode we tackle the question of how Italian design makes … Continue reading

The “Anti-Christ of Painting”: Mary Magdalene in Ecstasy

The “Anti-Christ of Painting” Post Series: A primary characteristic of Caravaggio’s paintings was his propensity to depict religious scenes in a realistic, relatable manner, bringing otherworldly stories into the everyday life of an individual. This distinction was met with mixed reactions. On the one hand, Caravaggio’s pieces served as an important propaganda tool for the … Continue reading

Fuorisalone @ Brera and Tortona

Friday April 15th, our first evening in Milan, we found a crazy turbillon of people crowding the Brera District and attending the most happening venues throughout the crooked little alleys around the Accademia of Fine Arts. We ate a good kebab and drank a few beers at a Turkish restaurant and then headed to the … Continue reading

Italian Dream Factories

For the international week of design and the Fuorisalone event, the Triennale Museum of Design inaugurated an exhibition called “Le fabbriche dei sogni” (Dream Factories) with the purpose of answering this simple question: What is Italian contemporary design? Pretty basic of a question, apparently, but quite complex is the answer. The whole exhibition is the … Continue reading

Fuorisalone: Brera Design District

Ciack! We arrived just a few hours ago in Milan to attend Fuorisalone, the citywide event dedicated to the art of design. After checking into our hotel, we quickly headed out to attend Brera Design Party in the heart of the beautiful Brera District. In fact, I am writing this post from inside the Accademia … Continue reading

A Hunt Con Gusto – Episode One: SF to Roma

Almost two weeks have gone by since I arrived in Italy and an update is long over due! But, not to worry, our time has been spent well. We have put together our first episode of the series, “A Hunt Con Gusto”. Short and sweet, it chronicles my travel from San Francisco to Rome. While … Continue reading

“A Hunt Con Gusto”

Tomorrow I leave for Italy to join Jacopo in Rome for the next three months! This trip is all for the sake of Con Gusto. Our main goal is to scour Italy for the coolest, most exceptional locally-made and vintage products we can find for our new e-store. We will be traveling throughout the Peninsula … Continue reading

John Fante: From Rural Italy to Raping LA

When I think of John Fante, I think about a happy life, even though he then died blind and without both of his legs. He was raised in near misery by a first generation Italian family. John’s father, Nick Fante Albomeo, was born in Torricella Peligna, near Chieti, in Abruzzo; while his mother, Maria Capoluongo, was … Continue reading

The “Anti-Christ of Painting”: Concert of Youths

The “Anti-Christ of Painting” Post Series: The Concert of Youths is a beautiful example of the implicit homoeroticism expressed in a number of Caravaggio’s paintings. An observer of this painting at the time of its creation would almost immediately recognize its sexual undertones. The Concert was the first commissioned work for the private collection of Cardinal … Continue reading

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