Lidia’s Recipe: Farfalle ai Porri e Salsicce

Lidia Bastianich is one of my favorite Italian television cooks. Growing up, I would watch her show, Lidia’s Italy, on PBS with my mother. She was comforting and amusing, reminding me of my own nonna.

The other day I decided to look up one of Lidia’s recipes. I was most tempted by her “bow ties with sausage and leek sauce” dish as I had never cooked leeks before and the recipe seemed easy enough. Accompanied by my friend Farb, I headed to Bi-Rite Market in the Mission District of San Francisco to collect the ingredients. I am a big fan of Bi-Rite! If you live in the city or ever visit, you must check this charming small grocer out (if you haven’t already). They have the best selection of quality, local foods that I have ever seen and its community atmosphere furthers its appeal. You almost can’t go wrong when cooking if you by your ingredients from Bi-Rite. Keeping this fact in mind, Farb and I picked out our ingredients for Lidia’s recipe…plus a good bottle of red wine, a loaf of Italian bread, a big wedge of Taleggio cheese, and some panforte (in holiday spirit).

Back at home in the kitchen, we cracked open the bottle of wine and began to cook. We leisurely followed the recipe while munching on cheese and bread, drinking, laughing, and just having a good ol’ time; things cooking generally should always involve. The dish turned out great and it is one I will make again. Rather than copying the recipe in this post, I thought I would just include its link here from Lidia’s own website. Try it out for yourself and as Lidia says on her show, “Tutti a tavolo a mangiare!


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